Woman approaches 100 and meets a charming senior chihuahua who is 11 years old in a “Perfect match”

Johana’s life is now complete once again because she now shares her home with a new dog. Johana was unfortunate to have a dog while growing up in Germany. The centenarian made sure to spend her last years surrounded by many canine friends as a consequence.

The woman and her late husband formerly owned eight dogs together. She was consequently a bit worried after losing her previous dog, Rocky, and finding herself all by herself in her home. She questioned the shelter’s policy on allowing someone her age to adopt a second dog.

A neighbor who works with a rescue organization thought that her rescue could be helpful and provided it. The shelter thought she would be the perfect companion for one of their older canines. In the end, she chose to adopt Ginger.

Ginger was rescued from a home where the owner had 22 animals living there. Being the only fortunate dog in his home made Ginger incredibly happy. They have vowed to make sure Ginger is taken care of and that his requirements are addressed. Isn’t it nice?

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