The master introduced the dog, the tiger, and the lion, and they rapidly become fast friends.

They have merged into one. More than merely realizing her ambition of becoming a veterinarian, 26-year-old Azmi has accomplished. His bulldog, a tiger, and a white lion became close buddies with him. There are currently lions, tigers, and leopards living at the zoo. She didn’t choose the simplest task, but she constantly heard from others that she enjoyed it.

The youngster said she has seen tigers and lions turn into puppies in an instant. She is treated as a pet by the animals. Ouk, who usually worked in his spare time, made the decision not to leave his bulldog home alone. It was difficult for her to give up her dog.

Azmi claimed in an interview that he decided to go with her to the department. The bulldog was acutely conscious of his treatment of animals. Led and Lgor, two juvenile tigers, received constant feeding help from him. The owner was surprised when her animals arrived and started to play.

The young girl acknowledged that she had never observed dogs and big cats like tigers and lions develop such close bonds. Animals are people’s best friends. kindly interact with animals. In either case, be happy.

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