The story of Ricky, the dog that donned his owners’ wedding and engagement rings, has gone global.

The situation is unusual, thus the particular narrative has gained a lot of online popularity. The wedding of a couple is usually a highly special occasion. Ricky could not miss the wedding, and Joshua and Sofia Coleman knew it. They were then surrounded by family, friends, and other key people.

He even completed a simple activity that was unfamiliar to them both. Here is the story. Little Ricky has been there ever since she started getting to know him. The tale of a small rescue dog ultimately captured Sofia’s interest, making his debut on the approaching new stage vital and meaningful for both of them.

The tiny dog was thus chosen to carry the rings. Thus, all that remained was to give him a dazzling look, for which a suit and a skinny tie complemented his individual sense of style.

She looked fantastically lovely. After his tasks were over, his masters decided to allow him to relax in the bridal suite, but he left before he ran across his “parents” during the reception.

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