When he first meets his new owners, a dog from a shelter can’t quit adoring them.

Life had been difficult for Milla up until the day she met her family. She can’t stop hugging her owners right now. Marine and her husband Mark weren’t certain they wanted to replace their aging dog until they found Milla. She won my heart, the marine remarked.

Since we had lost our previous dog a few months before to meeting Milla, it was only a mental encounter. At the time, I didn’t believe I was prepared to have a new dog. The two couldn’t turn down a meeting with the rescue crew since they were so enamored with Milla. She was on my lap and in my life in a matter of seconds, Mark said.

I leaned forward so as not to startle her. I fell in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her; we clicked straight away. In our thoughts, she appeared intended to be with us. Before this happy day, Milla had never received any attention, and her previous owners had only ever used her.

When Milla was reunited with her loving foster family after being saved, she was able to restore her vigor. She took a few months to get prepared for adoption.

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