When the kitty realized he wouldn’t get another opportunity, he gathered his last bit of strength and went to a good person.

Despite having lovely green eyes, the potential owners did not care for this cat and had no other choice than to leave it on the street. The cat walked into any old basement.

Kitty, however, was unable to stay there because it was winter. He eventually mustered all of his remaining strength and emerged from the cellar one day. Fortunately, he came across a woman who fed the stray animals; when she saw him, she realized that she needed to take immediate action.

She immediately took him to the doctor, who thankfully gave him the attention he needed. He was adopted by a family, and he has a nice, laid-back personality. The cat also has a fine gray coat and a light tummy and is quite clever.

We truly hope that this wonderful animal will find a loving home with devoted guardians who will make him happy. Because they assist in caring for animals, people like them are desperately required. Would you make an effort to help this cat if it came to you?

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