Because to a birth defect, the adorable puppy always seems shocked.

Bali, a dog, was born with a disease that makes her eyes constantly lengthen, her eyebrows stand up, and the skin on her head very tight.

Due to all that has occurred, Bali has amassed millions of fans on social media. Bali’s condition isn’t too bothersome, according to the owner. However, the woman regularly had to use certain medications to moisten the dog’s eyes.

The dog appears like an ordinary dog and is generally in excellent health. She loves to play, stroll, follow her owner, and other things. Bali is a devoted and sometimes goofy dog. If dogs could laugh, she would surely laugh the loudest, according to the owner.

When Bali was a puppy, her owner acquired her from a shelter; nevertheless, it wasn’t until recently that she created a TikTok social account for her and began sharing amusing videos with her peculiar pet frequently.

Tens of thousands of comments, in addition to 1 to 25 million views, are added to the most popular videos. Bali, who is continuously amazed, finds most people to be interesting and friendly.

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