The little kitty has been taking her teddy bear everywhere since being found outside by herself.

A nice Indiana farm woman discovered an unexpected present in her barn one morning last month. While working on the farm, she heard a noise. When she looked into the commotion, she found a little kitten. It was a little kitten by himself, maybe 10 days old.

In an effort to keep the kitten warm and out of the elements, the mother wrapped herself in straw. There was no trace of the mother or the other kittens after waiting for several hours in hopes of seeing them.

She then made the decision to help the kitten. The mother immediately brought the cat inside and did her utmost to feed him. She knew it was her line of work, so she requested for help from the local animal shelter.

The small cat was helped by a trained shelter worker to get the right nutrition. She became suddenly extremely happy and lively.

The young child slept off in her bed that night close to a teddy bear. She ate well and gained weight swiftly.

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