The cutest thing you’ll see today is a rescue dog and a turtle who have formed a special friendship.

Lulu, a puppy, came into his human life in 2010. He was saved when a family friend on the other side spotted her in the roadway. Lulu gained a new family and a turtle sister after their buddy agreed to take her home because the guy couldn’t properly care for her.

Lulu survived to be a healthy huge dog that likes to hang out with his brother Malu despite having a few health difficulties. Since they had been matched, they had gotten along nicely.

Malu was happy to have a friend to hang out with and never worried about Lulu. An excellent match! Since they are so close, they occasionally even offer each other hugs.

Anytime the turtle hides in a challenging location, Malu’s parents merely need to instruct Lulu to “find Malu,” and she will immediately find it. Malu is often checked on by Lulu.

His best friend and brother. Check out the images of them below to see if you agree that we truly admire them. Would you have have guessed that a turtle and a dog could be great friends?

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