Get to know the real-life Mowgli, who has become well-known on social media for his unusual bond with animals.

This person is frequently referred to as the Mowgli of today. The man takes pride in the name and conducts himself appropriately. Kody often sports shorts with a leopard print in black that resemble a piece of clothing and has long hair.

He runs the business that his father started. He works and researches with wild cats. By the way, their family is in charge of the only large tiger in the entire planet.

The creature is a cross between a tiger and a lion.

A liger has a maximum weight of 410 kilograms. Kody’s father’s research revealed that ligers were formerly prevalent on Earth, which explains why these two feline species are so similar.

Kody spent his childhood engaging with animals and has now mastered the art of training them. Around these creatures, the man seemed to be entirely at ease. He plays with them while making lion and tiger sounds.

Aside from tigers, his family’s sanctuary also houses an elephant and a chimpanzee. He makes an effort to spend time with each animal. What a fascinating tale. Do you wish you were him?

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