When a lady pauses to view a missing cat poster, she glances down.

At the beginning of last week, an Italian woman named Karen Castoldi was on a nighttime stroll close to her house when she came across a sign about a lost cat named Luni. The white and orange cat had only been gone for four days, but his owners were searching high and low for him.

Karen had no clue she would find the bunny within seconds after hearing of his disappearance. She noticed that the cunning cat Luni had seen him and directed him to the proper location as she turned to gaze at the ground.

He was immediately beneath a poster that his owners had affixed on a pole. ‘ I saw the cat and welcomed Luni. I then got in touch with his parents, who came running to get the cat and take it home.

They applauded me and offered him sweets. Karen says. Luni’s exploits on the streets had no negative effects on him, and he arrived to his family’s house unharmed. His arrival thrilled his family to the core.

The cat’s owners sincerely hope that Luni won’t continue to escape the house and behave in the same way. Nice, huh?

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