Meet Fluff, the cute Maine Coon breed cat with lopsided eyes.

When her cat Marie gave birth to seven kittens at once, Hillsborough, United Kingdom, breeder Maria Howard was ecstatic. When the newborns first opened their eyes, their mothers noticed that they all squinted (a condition where their pupils turned towards the nose).

Although all the other kittens had leveled up by the fourth week, we didn’t discover Fluff’s eyes hadn’t until around the sixth or seventh week. Maria said.

Despite the flaw, which is probably always going to be a part of Fluff, he always feels happy and enjoys life. Occasionally, especially while they’re playing, Fluff moves a little more slowly than the other kittens, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

He merely exudes unusual confidence for a cat with crossed eyes. Maria says. When Marie uploaded images of Fluff on social media, his hundreds of admirers would gladly accept him.

The fact that an odd kitten was the first to settle in amid siblings and sisters and that it now surprises its owners every day with a joyful disposition and humorous antics is thus not at all surprising.

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