With this stork, Every year, is hundreds of kilometers to see his Iove.

This stork is an inspiration to many people due to his incredible devotion and compassion. He has been traveling more than 8,500 kilometers every week for the past 20 years to see his soul mate because he adores him so much.

Esto the stork’s actions serve as proof that love is the most potent and deep force in the cosmos. In the Croatian village where this occurrence occurred, Stephen, a teacher, scooped up a stork and cared for and healed her wing.

Stephen has been a witness to this really romantic love story ever since he built her a nest on his roof. Esto spends her winters with her rescuer, who has taken good care of her and treats her like a pet and a member of the family.

The entire community has been anticipating Esto’s return since 2002; throughout those 21 years, he has never been tardy or unsuccessful.

The stork and his flock leave for Africa in the winter after having chicks each season and raising them together. Esto could possibly break the previous record for the oldest stork, which stood at 39 years old.

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