Meet the adorably rabbit born without ears.

Although Mila has been breeding rabbits for a while, she had the most shocking surprise a month and a half ago: their rabbit gave birth to a bunny without ears. Mila was unable to grasp what was occurring right away since newborn bunnies are so little and may have ears that are scarcely perceptible.

The odd baby also had seven other siblings and sisters who regularly resided in the same neighborhood as the mother. One of the bunnies was born without ears, Mila noticed. He grew up like his siblings, despite the breeder’s best efforts to convince him differently.

He turned out to be every bit as entertaining and eager as other baby bunnies. Mila decided to raise the odd baby herself as a consequence, which was okay with her other four kids. They named the rabbit Kat since he looked more like a cat or maybe a lion cub than a hare.

The Mila youngsters are enthralled by the rabbit and find it remarkable that it lacks ears. The family’s veterinarian also paid them a visit and assured them that the rabbit was healthy.

An incredibly rare but yet occurring genetic mutation.

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