When he wants a hug, the crow goes to see his family to thank them for saving him.

One day, while cleaning up outside on their patio, Diane and his fiancée noticed several crows approaching. They went to look at it, and there was a little baby crow lying on the ground.

After assessing their alternatives, the couple decided it would be best to take him in, care for him, and maybe return him to the wild. We fed him every half an hour and kept him warm in a garbage can with newspaper, grass, and water.

They looked after him and gave him the name Yoyo. He seems ready to re-enter nature. Although they were sad to see him go, they were happy that he was returning to his family, and they had a hidden wish that they would see him soar once and then.

It took a day and a half for this request to be granted. The duo were back outside on the balcony when Yoyo suddenly dropped from the trees. He seemed to be thanking them for saving his life, hoping and hugging with them.

Yoyo now sees his new family almost every day. He views them as family despite the fact that he lives in the wild.

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