The affectionate cat likes human contact and is fixated on getting pets from every delivery person she comes across.

This cat enjoys being the center of attention and going on walks. The four-legged companion came up with a brilliant plan to engage her in conversation and additional petting. The delivery guys in her town have already fallen for the cat. After all, she must be played with by everyone who brings mail or parcels to the owners.

We switched to doing everything remotely when COVID-19 began, so we began ordering a lot of things to be delivered to our home, including ready-made food, groceries, and other products. The owner said, “Our job at home disturbed her sleep schedule, so she started going out during the day more regularly.”

The GPS collar and webcams enable owners to follow her when she ventures outside into the yard. They thus learned that the cat was making an effort to “connect” with the delivery guy. She gets the attention she wants, even if the person isn’t interested in her.

The cat is already a favorite among the delivery personnel since they enjoy caressing her. She never fails to amuse everyone in our family, even the delivery team, with laughter. People prefer to come to us and meet the cat, the owner stated.

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