An aging dog that no one wanted to accept from the shelter was adopted into the family upon the request of the couple’s adopted child.

Rob, who was eight years old at the time, was raised in a challenging environment. He had been beaten and abused there regularly since he was a little boy. A different family, who had always owned pets, later took the youngster and adopted him.

Additionally, they went out of their way to adopt elderly dogs from shelters that were having trouble finding foster families because of their advanced age. And the little youngster who had been adopted was profoundly affected by this attitude toward abandoned animals and fully understood it. Rob decides to bring an elderly dog inside.

The dog developed tartar, which was hurting him, as was revealed on a visit to the clinic. The dog was too elderly and still had irreversible renal problems, therefore it was discovered that he would not survive sedation or anesthesia.

The sole solution is a good night’s sleep. Robbie said he wanted the dog to go to the rainbow without any pain or suffering and just go to sleep.

The final journey of the pet was seen by the entire family. And at the beginning of last year, Maria shared on social media images of Rob saying goodbye to the dog by giving her a tight embrace and refusing to let her go. Thanks to the media, which propagated this story across all channels, it received a lot of attention.

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