A rescued kangaroo visits his owner every day at home to unwind on the sofa and hug.

It’s interesting to think about how you might react if a kangaroo often stopped by your house and sat on your couch. However, the protagonists of this story do not at all object to this. A large eastern gray kangaroo known as Raya is one of them.

Raya lives in southern Australia. And one of his favorite pastimes is to lay on the couch. The locals refer to her as the couch specialist since she works on it for a large portion of her day.

The owners of the house had no issues at all with this guest. They built a refuge for kangaroos. Kangaroos seldom ever attempt to enter the home, but Raya is a comical exception.

At first, all he did was look carefully out of the windows. He went home one day and laid down on the couch while waiting for the door to open for him. Australian legislation prohibits the keeping of kangaroos as pets.

For this reason, as soon as the owner has had chance to relax on the sofa, he immediately takes Raya outside and into the yard. Raya is an exuberant and friendly kangaroo that enjoys his owners.

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