For the first time in 101 years, a night parrot that was thought to be extinct is discovered again.

Nature photographer and naturalist from Australia Jon K. made the astonishing discovery. He was successful in capturing a rare bird that many ornithologists thought had vanished.

The researcher is not in a hurry to disseminate the rare pictures or recordings of birds singing, though. The researcher claims that he is doing these actions to keep people’s attention away from the monster.

The “night parrot” genus, which only has one species, was very recently found in the second half of the 19th century. In fact, no one has seen a night parrot in the past 101 years. Jon K was an exception.

Jon finally had success imitating a parrot in 2009. Once he heard a strange bird song. For several years, Jon interacted with the parrots in this way, but he was unable to see the enigmatic birds for himself.

After some time of listening to the now familiar song, he noticed a bird fly out of its hiding place and perch on the ground close to humans. Nice, huh?

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