Huge embraces were given by a white bear to his rescuers. You must watch this.

Shift workers saved a poIar bear cub that had been abandoned. The zoological park’s director claims that the animal was abandoned by his mother and went to the shift workers.

They took care of him for a few months, fed him, and grew to like him, but when the shift was up, they were unable to get him to the mainland.

Because she was too busy, his mother did not teach him to complete his meal. But the narrative had a happy ending in the end. He made his way to a different base, which was 41 kilometers distant.

Gorban asserts that the destiny of our hero is currently being decided by all competent services. Before moving on to the area with the most pleasant circumstances for him, he will now fly to Moscow.

Internet users chose the name Umika for the bear cub because he displayed resourcefulness by locating people on his own and saving them. He started embracing everyone when he got to the base since he was so glad to see them.

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