The mother dog wonders why she and her puppies were abandoned at a shelter.

Melodia was delivered to a Texas animal shelter last month. Nobody knew anything about the prior life the other animal had led with the family before she was taken to the shelter. Her condition, however, made it clear that the dog’s owners no longer gave a damn about her.

But it soon became clear that Melodia would find it difficult to escape the situation she was in. Melodia just gave birth to a litter of ten adorable pups, and she was sent to a shelter with them.

Despite being lighter, Melodia made sure her kids had plenty to eat. Animal rights advocates made every effort to help the dog when they learned about her plight. A foster family was discovered after they posted her tale on Facebook.

She transformed physically and spiritually as soon as she went to live with her new foster home. She felt confident in both her own security and the security of her children.

She has gained a lot of weight, but the babies are gorgeous, healthy, and nourished properly. The rescue of this puppy was made possible by animal rights activists, but many other animals in shelters still need help.

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