The kitten saved the dog, and they are now close friends.

This cute kitten’s name is Chakki, and the puppy’s name is Laki. On the same day, they were both taken to the shelter. Laki had a number of challenges, but Chakki was agile, quick, and energetic.

A bystander saw the puppy in the street, felt awful for him, and offered to help. The veterinarian found that the high temperature was to blame for the low sugar level. For whatever reason, he did not respond to treatments, and nobody knew what to do.

So one of the veterinarians suggested pairing Chakki and Laki, and it worked out great. The dog quickly grew close to them and soon started to feel better.

After 15 days, he had fully recovered and had acquired a new buddy who had helped him overcome his phobia. According to the veterinarian, Laki’s physical condition was compromised since he was taken from his parents, siblings, and brothers and sisters too soon.

But after making Chakki his buddy, he quickly healed after realizing the joy of life. But there’s more than that. The friends moved in together and are now quite pleased since they rapidly developed a bond with one family.

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