The cat left for a stroll and didn’t return for several hours, but when he did, he had a note on his collar.

The cat and his owner, Alicia, have been together in their private home for the last eight years. Simion lived with the girl after she saved him when he was just a baby. Simion has never been able to sit still, even as a youngster. That’s why Alicia began allowing the pet out into the courtyard and then briefly onto the back porch.

As Simion grew, the hostess got more worried as he started to roam anywhere he wished and disappear for long periods of time. Simion just came back after yet another lengthy stroll with a note affixed to his collar.

It turned out to be written by one of the neighbors. According to the message, Simion frequently visits them and takes a long bath. The cat came back with another letter from the neighbors, which prompted Alicia to reply in writing.

Alicia started communicating with her neighbors with the aid of a cat, and everyone finds it to be a lot of fun. The cat is also content.

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