The chained dog in the snow realizes he is finally safe, and he reacts with genuine delight.

He had no clue what was ahead of him when his owners abandoned him in an ancient house. He looked to be in a good mood at first, despite the fact that he was shackled.

While there was food and water accessible, the dog did not lose heart; nevertheless, when it was no longer available, he became upset. But he still held out hope that someone would find him and help him.

Unfortunately, the dog was left trapped on the sidewalk for some time. Snow started to fall and frosts emerged all of a sudden.

The dog was concerned that he wouldn’t survive the night because the temperature fell significantly. Fortunately, someone saw the dog and immediately reported him to Animal Control.

When people learned of the dog’s situation, they hurried to help him.

The people who found the dog were most worried that they would not make it in time and leave the dog in danger of freezing. A scrawny dog was found when the organization’s personnel arrived to provide assistance.

He was shivering all over from the cold, but as soon as he spotted the people, he ran over and started leaping for excitement! When they served him food, he grinned with pleasure! Since then, the dog has been housed at a shelter. Now that he is warm and comfortable, he is overjoyed!

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