Meet these natural wonders. Four gorgeous young lions and tigers.

Ligers, the offspring of a lion and a tiger, have set a new world record for the animal kingdom. There are around 300 white color lions and over 1200 white color tigers on the earth.

The odd white tint is caused by a color mutation; they are not albinos at all. Here, tigers have been reared in the past. The biggest tiger in the entire globe is supposedly one of their animals.

Although he weighs 922 pounds, he is a nice cat who loves to play with his little nephews and his kind caregivers. The four adorable cubs’ breeder is shocked by the ligers’ quick development.

They appeared to have doubled in size when he viewed them every day. One of the cubs is not only the biggest of the four, but he also has the most irrational tendencies and is always seeking attention.

He’ll probably be taller than his uncle when he grows up. These wonderful beings are without a doubt the most precious and gorgeous animals in the Sanctuary.

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