Meet the ginger seal who, because of his unusual look, was shunned by his colony.

A really uncommon species with red fur was found in Russia. His unusual appearance drew the attention of biologists. The situation is quite rare, though, and may call for outside help.

The animal’s coloring appeared strange even though it was a baby seal. His hair is crimson, his fins are pink, and he has blue eyes and red fins. This red seal is 50% albino, according to experts.

There is a potential that this baby will be abandoned since, unfortunately, persons with unusual appearances are sometimes rejected by their own species. According to sources, there are already some indications of this mentality.

If this occurs, biologists will be need to step in. On the outside, the animal looks healthy and lively.

This suggests that his mother provided him with enough milk. He hasn’t been pursued yet, but it’s worrying that other seals don’t seem to like him.

The seal pup’s vision is also subpar, and it’s possible that it won’t be able to breed.

Zoologists are ready to transport the problem to the dolphinarium if it proceeds in the manner of the “ugly duckling.”

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