Two tiger kittens were adopted by a dog after their mother abandoned them.

Dogs, who are among our closest buddies, have strong maternal instincts. They are excellent mothers, not just for their own offspring but also for any other species’ cubs in need of help.

This tale shows how canines may be devoted mothers who can soothe and adore their young without conditions. Animals frequently lose their maternal instinct and abandon their own young. Two cubs were abandoned by their own mother not long after birth. On the other side, Cleo was there to save the baby bear cubs.

She was getting ready to take care of two wild tiger cubs while also taking care of her own newborn kids. The newborn cubs were immediately adopted by Cleo, who started taking care of them by cleaning and nursing them alongside her own puppies.

In addition to a lovely adoptive mother, the tigers were adopted by a big, caring family. They all shared a bed at Cleo’s apartment.

The young tigers adore their mother and are really kind. They will come back to the Zoo once they are adults.

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