A lost dog followed every lady he met for four months, hoping to find his owner.

For four months, this dog wandered the streets, perplexed. He trailed every lady he saw, expecting to spot his beloved owner among them. He was fed by his neighbors, who also informed the rescuers about her; nevertheless, she ran as soon as they attempted to touch her.

Four months later, some members of the volunteer team were still able to locate the owner. Using the ID number in the dog’s ear, they were able to track down his registered owner.

The owner was relieved that the dog had been found, as she had been hunting for her beloved dog for a long time without luck. He eventually discovered the woman he had been looking for after four months of seeking.

What a blessing that this tale came to a happy conclusion and that the dog was reunited with his beloved owner who had been searching for him.

However, there are numerous cases where animals are purposely abandoned, and they either do not understand or believe it, or they remain in their hearts till the end. Isn’t it an emotional tale?

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