A brave puppy comes to his owner’s aid in the face of a snake assault.

This puppy acted like a snake repellent for his owner. «He leaped in front of my foot, guaranteeing that I was bitten.» She wrote, «This is how a hero appears».

It all happened early in the morning while I was heading up the hill. The dog knew what to do when his owner failed to see the spotted white rattlesnake resting on the road: he rushed to his owner’s feet, lethal fangs burrowing into his muzzle.

The woman snatched up the puppy in her arms and hurried to a nearby medical clinic with another of her pets when her savior wailed from the bite. After receiving an antidote shot, the dog was permitted to recover at home for the next 12 hours. After the owner wrote about the event on social media, everyone was alarmed.

She included a photo of the dog in the post to reassure anybody who had left a comment that the hero dog was doing well. «Thank you for your kind words,» she wrote. The woman said that she was aware of the risks of snakes, but that she had just overlooked the rattlesnake on the road.

She explained, “This snake made no attempt to disguise its presence.” «I normally become alert and step aside when I hear this snap».  She didn’t stop there; she also built a platform to assist dogs that have been bitten by snakes.

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