A lynx trapped in the tracks was rescued by heroic railroad employees minutes before the train sped past.

This occasion took place in the country of Canada. The train crew saw how a wild lynx’s back legs became entangled on the railway lines, putting it in danger. Thanks to the quick thinking of the train personnel, the animal was saved from a dreadful end.

The rescue, however, was not easy. Sam Wild, a railway inspector, and his coworkers looked to be going about their business as normal. The team began monitoring the tracks early in the morning as part of their routine.

The employees must ensure that the routes are free of any impediments. The only difference this time was that it wasn’t quite like that. As they reached the rails, they noticed something had come to a halt.

As they approached, work workers saw the lynx. The personnel understood they had to act quickly if they wanted to save the lynx before the next train passed by. They approached the animal with caution and began attempting to free it.

The animal tried to keep them from approaching it, making the rescue difficult. However, as Wild noted on his social media page, these men’s daring paid off, as they were able to liberate the animal.

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