A devoted adopted dog takes a bullet in the face to defend the owners as armed criminals storm into the house.

One day, a family gave a shelter dog home and unconditional affection. Years later, the dog paid it forward by protecting her owner from a gunshot wound. In early October, robbers broke into the occupants’ home.

One of them shot the owner of the home in the bedroom, while the other tried to deal with the eldest daughter but was stopped by the family dog. She lunged at the stranger with a passion that none of her owners had ever seen before, chasing the bleeding criminal away.

A bullet tore the dog’s jaw apart. Because she couldn’t bark due to her pain and injuries, she attempted to seek help by racing to her neighbors. The gates were closed, and the dog walked to the lake, where she would regularly walk with her owners in search of humans.

The remaining family members discovered the dog napping on the grass along the water’s edge after an hour of driving around the area. Her tongue was gravely injured, two teeth were knocked out, and the bullet broke the bones in her lower jaw.

For several weeks, the dog was unable to eat on her own and had to be fed through a tube. Once the dog was strong enough for surgery, the doctors replaced the shattered bits of bone with a metal prosthesis. The family later thanked the city’s inhabitants for their support and financial assistance, which paid the majority of the costs of treating the puppy, on the shelter’s Facebook page. The family decided to give any remaining funds after the treatment to a shelter in remembrance of their second dog.

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