A brave dog who lost her paws and was found in a dumpster is given the perfect forever home with lots of love.

The butcher shop owner tortured the two-year-old dog by hanging her upside down in a dark room to soften her skin. However, because the puppy’s paws were tied so tightly to a rope, the dog became sick, and the paws began to rot.

It was thrown in a trash next to the butcher shop since it was no longer fit for meat. Thankfully, her savior arrived just in time, and the dog lived to see another day. All four of her legs had to be amputated to save her life, yet the animal’s eyes glowed with a wonderful light of gratitude to her owner…

«She did it on her own. She also desired to get up and about as soon as possible after the treatment. «She appeared to be wagging her tail and grinning from ear to ear», her rescuer observed.

She spent two months in veterinary treatment before being moved to her new home. She is presently awaiting the arrival of her owners. Even the dog’s prosthetic limbs were made by them.

The new owners plan to join her to therapy sessions with children once she has fully healed.

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