We’ve never heard of a bilingual parrot before, but one has returned from a long absence and is fluent in another language.

Parrots can communicate, as we all know. But, despite the fact that I’d never heard of a bilingual parrot before, this one persuaded me differently. This parrot vanished from his owner’s home in California. The man was startled to see his bird, which had been discovered in the same city, four years later.

This time, though, the parrot has a unique accent. When the gray parrot flew away, he talked English, but when he was discovered, he spoke Spanish. A woman who owns a dog grooming business noticed the parrot.

«I’d never seen a happier bird in my life.» He sung and talked in a jumbled manner. The woman originally mistook it for a missing pet she had seen advertised. After a trip to the veterinary, the woman realized her mistake and set out to find her rightful owner.

“Did you lose a bird?” I asked when I arrived. He first said no. He, on the other hand, misinterpreted my meaning and concluded I meant recently. «He looked at me as if I was crazy,» the lady said.

«It’s strange, I knew it was him the moment I saw him,» the man explained, adding that he had no idea where his pet bird had been for the previous four years. The owner’s excitement was evident when he spotted his bird, despite his accent. «He’s completely fine,» he said.

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