The long-lost dog returns home ten years later: a touching moment

A family lost a dog many years ago. The owners had given up hope of ever seeing the pet again for the last 10 years. Then came the phone call: the puppy had been found! The dog traveled a considerable distance and arrived in California during his absence. The dog was quite lucky.

He met lovely people who fed him and never let him go hungry as he passed through city after city, and he ultimately found himself in a sheriff’s office, where his microchip was read and his family’s location was revealed. In some way, the dog had to be relocated to another state. A pilot of a light-engine aircraft moved in to assist the dog.

The man flies to such places on occasion and promises to deliver the dog to them. Perhaps no dog in the world has ever had to fly in a private plane that was always accessible to him. He had to stop a few times for gas, but otherwise the dog’s voyage was uneventful.

The dog, who was in a cage on the passenger seat, snored calmly the whole voyage. His family was already waiting for him at the airport. The experience with the animal proved to be really emotional. The owners hadn’t seen the dog since he was a puppy, so they didn’t identify him.

The dog’s experience on the streets had a profound effect on him. He had to contend with a cold, confrontations with other canines, sickness, and loneliness, to name a few.

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