A stray dog was saved by a monastery and is now living his new life as a monk brother.

We’ve known for a long time that dogs are amazing creatures capable of exploits that would seem inconceivable for a four-legged creature. We never imagined a dog could become a monk. Believe it or not, this cute puppy proved me incorrect.

Even if a puppy living as a brother is unusual, the dog’s name seems more than appropriate, given that the patron saint of animals is the saint who founded the order.

The dog’s life had been everything but simple since he had lived on the streets before being adopted by the monks.

The pup’s life, however, has been substantially improved owing to a local animal refuge. Because their campaign was so successful, the organization believes that the poignant story of the dog would serve as an example for other monasteries to follow in the future.

«His existence consists of playing and running,» said a monk at the monastery. «Here, he is adored by all of the brothers. He is a wonderful work of art. This kind of tale can make someone’s day. Isn’t it fantastic?

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