With a miracle litter of 22 puppies, Shein the Mastif achieves a new national record.

While researchers in the United Kingdom attempted to train canines to identify the coronavirus, Australian experts were focused on other issues. They’re simultaneously celebrating the birth of 22 pups.

Shein, a Mastif dog from Queensland, is the owner of this record. Initially, the four-year-old pet gave birth to five puppies, according to the website.

Shein was taken to the veterinarian clinic by her owner, who discovered she was pregnant with 17 additional puppies. Due to a medical condition, she had to have a Cesarean section. ‘ We took an X-ray as soon as Shein arrived at the clinic to make sure she had given birth to all of the puppies.

‘And we were taken aback when we discovered nearly ten additional pups waiting to be delivered in the snap,’ the veterinarian added. The medical team performed the procedure in roughly 40 minutes. Shein is presently residing at home with her children.

Shein was unable to break the world record despite having a huge number of puppies. A Mastif from the United Kingdom owns it. In 2005, this dog gave birth to 25 pups.

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