A woman gets the prettiest tattoo in honor of her favorite pooch.

For six long and happy years, this woman and her pet dog were inseparable. Despite all of life’s problems, the cute puppy never failed to make his owner happy;

The following wonderful gesture was one of the many ways he’d show his affection. At the proper time, the dog would arrive and wrap his little paws around the woman’s arm. However, as much as they enjoyed their time together, it couldn’t last forever.

The dog, unfortunately, died in October of last year. The woman was heartbroken after being separated from her beloved pet dog. But, in the midst of her distress, she insisted on keeping the dog with her.

‘I wanted something that would be with me at all times,’ she stated. And a tattoo seemed appropriate. She chose a design that mirrored the dog’s preferred position. He embraced his teacher in spirit, just as he had done in life.

She stated, ‘Now, every time I glance down, it’s as though he’s snuggling me.’ Even though he’s gone, he’s still making his mother happy when she most needs it. Thanks to that tattoo in his honor, he now lives on in the hearts of others.

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