A blind dog has his own guide puppy to help him and play with.

The blinded dog first made headlines in the worldwide press at the start of this year. The fate of the blind golden retriever piqued the curiosity of thousands of people all around the world.

The dog’s owner saw her pet scratching his eyes in February 2019. He was clearly in a lot of pain. He was taken to the veterinarian, who diagnosed him with glaucoma.

Unfortunately, the process had already begun, and all that remained was to determine whether or not to remove the eyeball. After 11 months, glaucoma ‘captured’ the second eye. He, too, had gone insane. The wife took care of him and did not abandon him.

But she had a fantastic idea shortly after: find him as a guiding buddy. It came out that the puppies were of the same breed. Since that day, the couple has remained together. In the house and on walks, he was always there for him. The dog has over 13,000 Instagram followers. The two’s daily lives have an impact on everyone.

Every day, a new post is published that is both life-affirming and enjoyable. Now, the woman offers assistance to all animal lovers and tells them of the disease’s early signs. She also talks about the difficulties of psychological rehabilitation for animals that have lost their vision.

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