The elderly were offered a car and a significant quantity of money in return for a cat, but friends are not for sale.

Lyovka, a cat, is incredibly clever and can execute a significant number of orders flawlessly. This was taught to him by his master. In Mongolia, a cat was born, and it was the only one of the litter to survive.

And the mother cat and her lone youngster walked away from home, finally settling near the military base. There, the gorgeous cat met Peter, who took care for him and got so attached to him that after his duty, he carried him back to his hometown of Kallinigrad.

They were completely enamored with one other and spent every waking hour together. The former military man masterfully trained the cat, and his tricks wowed the entire city. People have even offered to pay a large money — half a million rubles plus a vehicle — to get such a well-trained pet, but the retiree has simply rejected.

Lyova, he maintained, is a friend and family member, not a commodity for sale. This tale made me cry because friends are not for sale and are worth more than anything else in the world.

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