The dog was given a party at the shelter, but none of the guests showed up.

Luke, a stray dog from the United States, has spent more than seven months at a shelter. And, if dogs usually find new homes within a month, according to the shelter officials, this cute puppy is simply unlucky with potential owners.

The volunteers came up with the idea of throwing a party for him on Valentine’s Day in the hopes of assisting him in finding a permanent home.

They decked Luke out for the holidays, adorned his surroundings, and hoped that by doing so, others would be inspired to adopt this wonderful dog. The scheme, however, backfired, and no one showed up for the party.

According to Michelle, a shelter worker, Luke is huge yet very cute, and he enjoys cuddling and playing with his favorite soft toy. Of course, he has his own eccentricities, but he still requires love and attention, which we hope he will receive someday.

In addition, the dog is a purebred tiger boxer, not a hybrid. They have a sharp sense of smell, a strong feeling of loyalty, and a high degree of intellect.

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