A lost dog’s owner recognizes him, and their reunion will bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

After leaving his dog to play in the yard for eight years, John went home to do his own thing. Meanwhile, the dog had escaped by climbing over the fence.

John spent the day seeking for his dog and soliciting assistance from neighbors, only to discover that the dog had escaped into the woods. The entire family searched for the dog for several months, using all available means, but there were no results.

The animal’s owners also offered a monetary prize and posted images of the animal on social media. Kiwi would not have gone to anybody else on the first call, according to John.

The chances of finding a dog became increasingly remote as time passed. However, the phone did ring eight years later. An unnamed caller stated over the phone that he had seen a dog that looked like Kiwi not far from his home, but that it was 500 kilometers distant.

The man hurried away, and it turned out that the four-hour travel was not in vain since it was his favorite dog. When he spotted his owner, he went toward him, and John couldn’t keep his emotions in check.

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