The unfortunate puppy was discovered alone and confined in the attic.

When Lassell received a call from her sister-in-law, she was informed of a tragic incident. The woman wanted to clean their entire house and discovered a dog tied up and in a dreadful state in their attic.

The dog was frail and frail. He was hungry and they had no idea how long he had been there in such a terrible state.

Lassel made the quick decision to take the dog. She welcomed him into her home and began to care for him. She washed him, fed him, and warmed him up. She then brought him to the clinic, where it was discovered that the unfortunate critter had fractured his leg and required surgery. Despite the anguish, the dog radiated happiness and love. He was quite kind and usually smiled at everyone.

From the beginning, Lassell was enamored with him. Remi was his name. She cared for him tenderly and lovingly. The skeleton pet grew into a gorgeous guy in no time. He regained his strength and health.

He now lives with the woman’s family, where he is great friends with her four children and a canine companion. They are constantly in the same place. They interact with each other through playing, sleeping, and having fun. Remi adores the children and spends much of his time with them.

Remi and his partner pet are well-liked by the entire household. They bring them together and create a welcoming and caring environment.

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