After around six hours, the rescuers were able to save the life of the small goat who had become trapped in a 250-foot irrigation conduit.

The newborn goat caught in a 250-foot irrigation conduit was rescued after two days and a complex procedure. The eight-month-old goat was saved in Arizona thanks to the tireless efforts of Humane Society volunteers.

The Human Society hurried to the area to investigate after getting a phone call from a concerned resident who claimed that he was continuously hearing a goat screaming from the land adjacent to his house.

It was discovered that the goat was trapped beneath and that pinpointing his exact location was extremely difficult.

Due to a shortage of vital rescue tools, the operation had to be postponed. They returned the next day with a snake camera in order to locate the goat. Unfortunately, this sophisticated technology was of little use to them. Because they didn’t have much time, the crew chose to dig a hole near the pipe’s entrance. The brave rescuers had no choice but to trust their instincts. As a result, they began chipping away at the concrete, creating a hole.

Fortunately, they were barely 4 feet away from the sad newborn goat and the pit they had made. As a result, the crew used their hands to reach the defenseless creature. The terrified goat’s owner grasped its horn to stop it from moving so the rescuers could operate without killing it. The goat was ultimately rescued after six hours of hard work by the rescue crew. If the rescuers don’t intervene, the unfortunate young goat will drown in the pipe.

Here’s a link to the rescue operation:

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