A puppy that had been tethered to an old vehicle for ten days without food or water has been rescued and adopted.

When Duke’s previous owner wanted to get rid of him, he simply tied him to an abandoned vehicle behind his house and informed the neighbors that the dog was sick.

Furthermore, he stated that approaching him was dangerous since he might infect anyone. The neighbors did not verify this information and instead chose to ignore the dog, which was tossed to its death. Duke was chained to an old truck for ten days, yearning for aid and sympathy in the eyes of passers-by, but people simply ignored him…

Fortunately, he caught the attention of a girl with a huge and kind heart. She quickly reported him to Rudozem Street Dog Rescue’s rescuers. Tony Rowles, the organization’s founder, arrived on the site right away.

Duke was coated in dung and surrounded by flies, who circled him in anticipation of his death. The dog, however, crept up to Tony and licked his palm when he saw him. The guy rushed the dog to the doctor right away, where it was discovered that Duke had no ailment!

Tony made the finest decision in the world when he took Duke into his house until a new home could be found for him because his shelter was full.

There was, however, another issue: Duke’s damaged paws!

Someone shattered his paws, according to a veterinarian’s inspection and an X-ray. Duke’s paws needed to be fixed, so the doctors decided to help him! Duke was eager to find a new family and a new home after numerous operations and a long recuperation!

Fortunately, there was a woman who fell head over heels in love with Duke the moment she saw him.

And, despite the fact that she resided in England and Duke was in Bulgaria, she was unconcerned. She covered part of Duke’s medical expenses. It’s nice that kind people exist.

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