With natural lashes that are so long that passersby assume they’re artificial, a 10-month-old dog melts hearts.

People are taken aback when they encounter a dog named Walt and can’t take their gaze away from him.

All due of the dog’s distinct exterior characteristics. Walt has the most stunning eyes, thanks to his lengthy eyelashes, which sometimes appear to be extensions.

His owner, Chloe Shaw, claims that he’s always had them that way.

Although the dog is just 10 months old, he has lived with Chloe since he was a puppy. The woman is a groomer, and she couldn’t resist a lovely dog.

“Walt has killer lashes.” “They’re so long and curly,” Chloe commented. Every day, the dog enjoys a wash and a thorough combing, which takes a lot of time from his owner.

In addition, the dog gets a clipping and nail trimming every few weeks.

Although such a well-groomed dog draws a lot of attention, he quickly became accustomed to it. “He’s a really playful and lovely dog who enjoys people’s attention on our walks,” Chloe remarked.

Shortening the eyelashes is better for the dog, according to experts.

After all, such a long length might cause eye congestion and interfere with eyesight. Chloe, on the other hand, is confident that her meticulous upkeep will help her escape these issues.

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