Tua Plu, the dog, constantly sends a present to the compassionate woman who feeds him as a token of thanks.

For all unfortunate animals that have not only no shelter, but also live alone without love, care, and compassion, homelessness is a major global issue. However, there are some  people who are compassionate to those who are powerless.

A kind Thai woman is doing everything she can to assist these helpless, miserable stray animals. Orawan Kaewla-iat is an angel for all the dogs in her immediate vicinity. Her deep affection for these helpless animals is unfathomable.

Many stray dogs in her town are fed every day because to her large heart and tremendous generosity. Kaewla-iat has no expectations in return since her heart is filled with delight as she helps these creatures live a little easier and happier lives.

But, in any case, one of those dogs finds a way to express his thanks to the kind woman who looks after him every day. Tua Plu, the dog, gives a present every time he comes to get his ration of food.

When he comes out for food, he always has a piece of paper or a leaf hanging from his lips. As a result, he graciously donated a present in exchange for his dinner.

Please have a look at this touching moment:

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