The boy sang the famous singer’s song so well that the judges couldn’t help but dance in their seats

With his natural musical ability and contagious love for the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, Lisandro Formica, often known as “Elvisandro,” won the hearts of many in a touching story evocative of a contemporary prodigy.

Lisandro fell in love with music at the age of seven, drawn to Elvis Presley’s enduring songs and alluring image.

With just his passion of music and an unyielding determination to share his skill with the world, this little prodigy set off on an incredible journey when he took the stage of The Voice Kids France.

Lisandro, dressed like a child but projecting the charm of an experienced performer, gave a riveting performance of one of Elvis Presley’s most well-known hits.

It became clear as his beautiful voice filled the room that he had a unique talent—the capacity to carry listeners over both space and time with every note he sang.

The judges were so impressed by Lisandro’s performance—so much so that they couldn’t conceal their admiration—that they began to fidget in their seats.

Lisandro not only displayed his vocal skill with each soul-stirring phrase, but he also showed a deep connection to the music that went beyond his years.

His performance of Presley’s songs was nothing short of extraordinary, winning him praise from the audience and judges.

Lisandro’s captivating theatrical persona and extraordinary talent had a lasting impression on everyone who saw his astounding performance.

While Lisandro keeps refining his skills and mapping out his musical career, everyone is excitedly anticipating the next chapter in the incredible story of “Elvisandro.”

Lisandro is a beautiful example of the transformational power of music and the endless possibilities that lay inside the hearts of young dreamers because of his natural skill, unshakable enthusiasm, and boundless potential. Lisandro serves as a reminder through his music that genuine artistry has no boundaries and that age is no longer a hindrance to excellence.

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