Fans criticize new images of Lady Gaga, who has dropped weight: The vocalist is hardly recognizable now.

Crazy, who recently concluded recording in the Joker continuation, absolutely like being the center of attention and is aware of it. But this time, the contentious debate about her brand-new photos did not leave her feeling very content.

Surprisingly, the star’s changed weight—which seemed to be entirely unimportant—was the root of the fans’ fury. The reality is that brand-new photos that revealed how she suddenly lost weight surfaced online.

The singer’s weight loss also happened to be rather rapid, leading many admirers to believe that she used “unlucky” weight loss methods. After seeing it, the admirers continuously came to the conclusion that she, who is dating Michael Polanski, has shrunk to the point where she is almost perceptible.

Some of the singer’s admirers really spoke up for her. They stated that she is presently filming “Joker 2,” in which she will play a part that may need her to reduce weight and adhere to a very tight diet. You know she’s already decided to drop weight in order to earn a role in a movie, as you know.

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