Emma Watson bid farewell to the billionaire’s son she dated for more than a year.

The actor, who played the adored “Harry Potter” figure, has reclaimed her freedom. Remember that in 2021, the first whispers of their connection appeared. Additionally, in August 2022, a couple was spotted by the paparazzi in Venice while on an extended vacation.

Little is known about the book since the author enjoys divulging the details of her own life. The sensationalist media promises that the pair was intense and that they even got to know one other’s families. According to a source for the Daily Mail, the couple split up soon after Christmas last year.

The reasons for the division are unclear. However, it is taken into account that Brandon Green, the Eco activist and organizer behind a successful business, has a reputation for being a heartbreaker and a fan of gatherings. For instance, he was somehow seen with Kate Moss.

She nonetheless continued to share some of her experiences with her audience. On April 15, the day of her 33rd birthday, the celebrity sent an Instagram message with interim findings. She acknowledged in it that she had learned some helpful lessons about affection and being a woman over the last several years.

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