Britney Spears’ children betrayed her and stopped responding to her texts.

The vocalist’s fans are closely following the events as they progress in his or her life. Her boys have not communicated with her in about a year, according to what was made public. Katie said in her documentary about the probe, The Price of Freedom, that last summer, the singer’s kids stopped responding to her texts.

She also didn’t see them since the beginning of 2022, before she wed Asghari. In August of last year, Jayden also made public criticisms of his mother’s parenting skills. Her ex-husband, who is also her children’s father, criticizes the pop star’s actions.

In a recent interview, he expressed his displeasure over how the lads feel uneasy at school because of her constant improper social media posts. Kevin previously published a video in which they captured the vocalist yelling at her children.

In addition to her problems with her children, she also has to cope with a marriage crisis that supporters worry could result in a divorce. Sam now seldom returns home, and when he does, the couple fights frequently, so they are considerably less likely to see one other.

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