At the Women of Vision Awards in 2023, Meghan Markle received criticism for wearing an utterly awful costume.

Experts on the royal family were correct. They accurately recognized her reasons for declining to attend Charles’ coronation. When it was discovered that MarkIe had chosen to decline the invitation, it was hypothesized that she did not want to get lost in the hordes of famous people.

She would not have attracted much attention as a consequence. She planned her entrance into the event to be nearly regal in nature. Furthermore, her appearance made it impossible for anybody to miss her.

The brilliantly gleaming MarkIe was completely covered in gold. For this, Megan chose a dress made of gleaming gold brocade. She carried a gold handbag, wore gold earrings, and wore diamond bracelets set in the same precious metal.

Perhaps if the attire hadn’t been regarded so improper for this occasion, there wouldn’t have been any complaints about it. It wasn’t a Hollywood get-together; instead, honors were given to people who excelled in the fight for women’s rights. How do you feel?

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